The Wonders of Leeks

Leeks, also known as poor man's asparagus, have enjoyed a long and
rich history, one that can be traced back through centuries. Leeks
were well regarded by the ancient Greeks. The Greek philosopher
Aristotle attributed a clear voice to a diet of leeks; as a result the
Roman emperor Nero supposedly ate leeks everyday to make his voice
stronger. The Welsh soldiers placed leeks in their caps to
differentiate themselves from their opponents. Today leeks are grown
in through Europe, particularly in France and Germany.

The body produces uric acid as a byproduct of the metabolism of
proteins, which is excreted through urine. When excess uric acid is
produced, it tends to deposit in our joints, causing inflammation and
pain (arthritis).

Leeks' alkalizing and diuretic effect increase the elimination of uric
acid, which benefits those suffering from gout, arthritis or kidney
disorder. Leeks contain a considerable amount of sulfur and may play an
important role in support of our body's antioxidant and detox systems.
Whether you have issues with joint pain or you are an up and coming
singer in need of great voice, this soup will leave you without pain
and with a great voice. Enjoy!

Leek and zucchini and broccoli soup

1 whole leek

2 zucchini slice thin

1 cup of broccoli stalk

1 1/2 cup of water

1 cup of almond milk (fresh made is best)

2 garlic cloves

½ teaspoon of Herbamare season

1 teaspoon of chef shakes spice

Cut leeks in thin slice and wash thoroughly. Make sure the green parts
of leeks are in perfect condition to ensure the good flavor.
Cut leeks in thin slices and wash thoroughly (Make sure the green
parts of leeks are in perfect condition to ensure the good flavor) Cut
the Zucchini in thin slices too. Remove the floret of the broccoli
and used only the stalk part, peal the outer part and slice thin.
Once all of the vegetables are clean and sliced thin, place them in
sauce pan container. Add the water and the almond milk, the garlic
plus the spices. Cook for approximately 15 minutes. Adjust the
herbamare season in case you need more salt. Transfer to a good
blender and blend until smooth. Adjust the almond milk if you need a
thinner version and enjoy!


Herbamare is made by Vogel Company

Chef shake is made by Spice Hunter

The soup will be best if you use fresh homemade almond milk