The Word From A 105-Year-Old: 'The Second 100 Years Are Better'

We wish her many more happy birthdays!
Ilyes Laszlo via Getty Images

Clarice Emley, who turns 105 on Sunday, has a message for people who are scared of growing older. Nonsense, she says, "the second 100 years are better."

The Tampa Bay Times profiled the former teacher, who was raised on a farm where her family ate just what they grew and caught. She told the outlet that she is glad she's not a kid today.

The Baypoint Village resident is a regular in the facility's exercise and stretching class, but doesn't credit exercise for her longevity. "I think you just have to crawl out of bed every morning, that's all," she said. Hmmm, we think there may be more to it, Clarice!

Over the years, Huff/Post50 has heard from a lot of centenarians, who've attributed their long lives to everything from avoiding men to booze. In 2014, a national survey of centenarians in the United States found that the secrets to long life include plenty of time with friends and family and a commitment to fitness.

No matter what the secret, we wish Clarice many more happy birthdays! For more on Clarice, check out the video below.

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