The Word Not Spoken: Bagram

When the Fox network staged a special Veterans' Day version of its NFL pregame show at Bagram AF Base last Sunday, two hours was apparently not long enough to mention one interesting fact about Bagram: It's the site of America's other Gitmo, a prison where detainees have been kept for years outside the purview of U.S. law, outside even the scope of the Supreme Court's habeas corpus decision on Gitmo detainees.

Interestingly, it was at Bagram that the only detainees (that we know of) to have died while in US custody were kept.

When Eric Holder held a press conference announcing the plans for trying several Gitmo detainees, he was peppered with questions from the Washington media about the trials, about security, about the closing of Gitmo.  The word not spoken at that briefing: Bagram.

And, of course, the president's promise to close Gitmo within the year, much debated, said nothing about Bagram.

People can keep a secret when they want to...