The World Needs More

What do you think the world needs more of? Education, empowerment, strength?

Every day, the world faces the challenges of poverty and ongoing humanitarian crises. There is a significant need for both funding and global awareness. Yet unfortunately we often see that people are only motivated to donate and spread the word when a disaster strikes and media attention is captured. When a major crisis breaks, like a tsunami or earthquake, we see an outpouring of global support, particularly on social media where millions of people want to lend their voice. And while raising awareness is critical, global humanitarian organizations need funding to help deliver lifesaving services and assistance.

Around the world, humanitarian aid workers fight tirelessly to improve the lives of those affected by these crises. But how can the average person make a real impact? This is something I think about a lot. And one thing we all have is a voice and the power to help shine a spotlight on the untold stories; to give a voice to those in need; and to bring attention to issues that are often forgotten. When one person uses her voice for change, she makes a real difference. Now think of what we could all do together.

Words are the most powerful currency we have. They are the way we express ourselves; they are the path to diplomacy, peace, and understanding. But imagine if you said "the world needs more #shelter," and it actually created shelter for somebody? Turning powerful words into impactful actions that can literally make a difference for people around the world.

That is the idea behind "The World Needs More __" campaign which Leo Burnett New York helped to develop in collaboration with the United Nations and international humanitarian aid organizations. Launched on 19 August for World Humanitarian Day, this campaign leverages the global popularity of social media to create the first marketplace for words; allowing brands, organizations, and individuals to sponsor a #word and raise the money that's needed to support humanitarian aid operations. This new marketplace turns the collective voice of many into financial support from brands around the world. This platform, and the money raised from this campaign, will be used to support the most underfunded humanitarian crises in places like Afghanistan, Yemen, Haiti, Colombia; Crises that continue to have humanitarian need but often slip off the global agenda.

I believe #TheWorldNeedsMore #Perseverance. What do you believe the world needs more of? Do you think #TheWorldNeedsMore #Strength? Tweet that message and $1 will be unlocked and donated by Gucci. Or perhaps you think #TheWorldNeedsMore #Empowerment. Tweet that and $1 will be unlocked and donated by Intel. Or tweet #worldneedsmore #Inclusion, which will unlock a $1 donation from Barclays. Other partners of the campaign include Western Union (who sponsored #Education), Crescent Enterprises (#Entrepreneurs), Korea Telecom (#Dreams) and the Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation (#Dialogue).

But this is only the start. If we don't commit to supporting small and large scale change in our communities, the world will continue to face these ongoing humanitarian challenges. We must think creatively about how we can collectively use our voices to find new solutions - and we need to take action. Whether that is through harnessing the power of new technologies to share information and build awareness, or through financial contributions to raise urgently needed funds, together we can ignite global change.

Your voice matters and can make a difference for the millions of people in need of support not only when a disaster strikes but every day. I urge you to join us to share these words and help make them a reality. The more you share and donate, the more we raise for people around the world who need it. But don't stop there, visit to learn more about these humanitarian crises, the organizations working to tackle them around the world, and how you can help.

So tell me, what do you think the world needs more of?

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