The World Of Hate Railroaded

For those of us who are literally starving for stories about people who actually voluntarily help instead of insult people, here's a really heartwarming one.

On November 1st, one week before the election, a four panel mural of words by four artists dedicated to connecting their cultures to others, led by Mr. Huang Xiang, a master Calligrapher, performer, human rights activist, poet, and Noble Literature Prize nominee several times.  

The Mural will be permanently displayed on the tower of the Bethel ship Norwegian Methodist church in Brooklyn, New York, and declare: peace, love, and unity in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Gujarati, and Norwegian.

The event will remind the world, that despite current events, the United States is inclusive and honors all immigrant communities, their contributions as well as their plight as they flee the horrors of war and famine.

In addition, it will help raise funds and awareness for seven more stations/murals and the video documentary that is already in progress, featuring all whom have made this first station possible on the Sunset Park Railroad.

As the sun sets, the veil will drop signaling to the Sunset Park choir, consisting of 1,700 singers from diverse cultures to sing this "Land Is Your Land" and "Give Peace A chance."  

To participate in the Choir you can register online through their non-profit fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas at with a donation of $10 (or more) or pay $5 at the Madine Muslim Community Center before October 15th located at 5224 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11220. All donations are tax deductible and singers will be listed on their website.

The Brooklyn Borough President's Director of Marketing, Lori Lewis, has offered to match half of the budget if they raise the other $12,000, not a difficult number to reach.

They are also waiting to hear from several international singers/musicians.

And now back to the Breaking News whose one specific goal is to chew up your soul like a pack of Juicy Fruit.