The World's 8 Best Gay Marriage Ads (VIDEO)

As the U.S. eagerly awaits a ruling from the Supreme Court on two major gay rights cases, it seems appropriate to spend a few minutes checking out some of the funniest, most moving and best online and TV ads in support of gay marriage from around the world. With millions of views, some of these have clearly been influential, so grab your tissues, get ready to laugh and cry, and check them out.

GetUp's "It's Time" (Australia)

A moving portrait of love without gender.

"The Ultimate Anti-Gay Marriage Ad" (U.S.)

What effect would gay marriage have?

Marriage Equality's "Sinead's Hand" (Ireland)

What if you had to ask everyone's permission to marry?

Straight Americans stand up.

College Humor's "Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends" (U.S.)

What if they did?

"Love Is Love" (U.S.)

A different take on GetUp's "It's Time."

"Gay Women WIll Marry Your Boyfriends" (U.S.)

Oh, but they could!

Google+ Ad (France)

Using technology to overcome obstacles in marriage.

Do you have a favorite or another one to share? Add it in the comments.