The World's Friendliest & Least Friendly Cities (PHOTOS)

The World's Friendliest & Least Friendly Cities

While we all know that Berliners and the French have a hard time treating tourists nicely, what about the rest of the world? Many surveys have already been done on the rudest countries for travelers, as well as the rudest cities in America (hello, New York!) and the world's worst tourists (yay, Americans). Now comes TripAdvisor with their 2012 Cities Survey, a compilation of 75,000 responses in a poll conducted by Brainbox Research on the best value, safest, cleanest and friendliest (among other categories) cities around the world.

The latest poll highlights 40 cities across the map. Berlin, it should be noted, isn't mentioned on this list; New York comes in #24 and, spoiler alert, Paris comes in at number 33.

Do you agree with TripAdvisor's conclusions? Check out the cities below.

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#10 Friendliest: Copenhagen

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