The World's Most Expensive New Year's Eve Hotel Suites (PHOTOS)

New Year's Eve is an ideal holiday for a hotel suite party: no driving home, comfy beds, breakfast in bed and no cleaning up the next day.

And on-going economic stagnation doesn't seem to have dampened the New Year's revelery -- at least at the tip of the top.

With the help of travel search site, HuffPost Travel has picked 10 suites, with four- and five-figure price tags to match.

"At Kayak, we love a good party and a great hotel suite, but these places are far too rich for our blood," says Kevin Turner, a spokesman for Kayak. "However, it’s always fun to see how the ridiculously rich spend their equally ridiculous New Year's. I really had my eye on the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms in Vegas, unfortunately, all the suites are all booked so I guess our champagne, cheese tray and confetti at home will have to do this year."

World's Most Expensive New Year's Suites

All photos courtesy of the property.