The world's most important voyage


Today, a new forecast takes a long and hard look at the progress we are making on each and every of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, 17 universally important goals to be achieved by 2030. The SDG's have been part of the world's sustainable agenda for a year now. A lot of awareness have been made, some progress too, but challenges remain.

The report is called 'Future of Spaceship Earth', and it's the Norwegian certification body DNV GL, known for the 'Global Opportunity Report', that spearheads the initiative, answering the important questions; how far along the way of achieving the SDG's are we, and what can we do to gain further traction?

To aid in answering these questions, 17 businesses each driving progress on the SDG's, have the word. I'm proud and happy to say that we as Grundfos are talking about SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation. Giving our perspective on how feasible business models can make a difference for an important and ambitious goal, while remaining legitimate business.

I think that involving businesses makes tremendously good sense. Fulfilling the ambitious task set with the SDG's takes efforts spanning the public-, private- and civil-spheres. Because even though the forecast show that there are traction on several goals, it also states that we really need to pick up pace to arrive at our aspired destination by 2030. Together.

We're proud and happy to be on board 'Spaceship Earth', and we feel privileged to have a say in setting the course on the world's most important voyage.