The World's Most Popular Song Contest -- And You've Never Heard About It

It's the second most watched TV program in the world. Bigger than the Super Bowl. Second only to the World Cup final. A show that in some countries capturies 90 percent of the TV viewing audience. A competitive event between countries where each country is striving for the world championship -- in a song contest.

And you've never heard of it.

It's the Eurovision Song Contest. Most every country in Europe sends an act. Each act is 3 minutes long (or less) and can be of any genre, any type of stage presentation, any type of music. The music is sung live with a limit of five people on the stage.

Last Year's Winner

Countries put in intense effort to select from the best artists in their country. And they then put in additional effort helping the selected act with the staging, presentation, tempo, song, etc. All of Europe is watching and unlike most competitions, this can be won by any country. Serbia will never win the Eurocup soccer championship, but they've won Eurovision.

How big a deal is this in Europe? One year Azerbaijan and Belarus gave no votes to Russia. The Russian Foreign Minister made a public statement that that was unacceptable and the presidents of Belarus and Azerbaijan both made a public apology. Over a vote. In a song contest.

And the fundamental reason it is watched by almost everyone in Europe. And by a large audience in Australia and New Zealand. And by a growing audience in China. And by others world-wide. Is because it is some of the most extraordinary music you will ever see.

Last Year's Televote Winner (3rd overall)

Yes it is dominated by ballads & pop music. But some of the best music with some of the most extraordinary presentations you will ever see. And intermixed with that you will get hard rock, jazz, swing, techno, opera, and everything else. There will be numbers you love, and ones you hate. And through it all you'll be enthralled.

It is May 10, 12, & 14 (2 semi-finals and then the grand final). You can watch it live on the web. And when you do, you'll understand why all of Europe is glued to their TVs those three evenings.