The Worst Part About Divorce (It's Not What You Think...)

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A lot of you think the #1 reason divorce is terrible would most likely be splitting up the family.

Let me tell you something: splitting up the family is not a big deal.

As long as both of you support and honor each other's time with the kids, the kids are going to be just fine.

The kids are going to be great.

Sure, kids would love to have their parents together. Kids wants their parents together. Kids talk about their parents together.

But if the parents can't be together, then you know what? Getting divorced is actually a good thing.

Because the two of you can both have quality time with your kids. Time where you'll bond and actually probably spend more quality time because you don't have the other half that's causing the tension with you to be around anymore.

I don't believe children should be living in a house where two parents really do not like each other, because you're giving them a relationship pattern they're going to mimic when they get older.

Trust me on that. I work with so many people who are products of parents who stayed together way too long, and they've got a horrific pattern that they mimic in their own relationships without even realizing why they're doing it.

The REAL reason why divorce sucks (which no one tells you)...

It's not what you think.

Sure, losing some money, paying child support, paying alimony, all that stuff is part of getting divorced. Part of getting your freedom back. Part of being able to recreate love and have a love relationship that you desire. That's a given.

Giving child support for your kid. It's a given that you want to be able to make your kid's life great.

But the number one reason why getting divorced sucks...

Is the legal bills.

They're a joke.

It's the only profession that charges you to get somewhere. That's right. If you're going to meet with your lawyer and go to court, your lawyer will charge you for the drive time to get to court.

Drive time. You know, I've worked with many people. I've traveled to work with many people. Maybe I should charge them per hour when I'm sitting on the plane.

Maybe I should charge them per hour while I'm driving in LA traffic.

And that's what makes it even worse — when you live in Los Angeles, traffic is double time.

Don't they realize that this court appearance is costing me double time now, because nobody can drive, and there's so many cars on the road? That's just an extra $200.

That's the worst part of getting divorced.

The legal bills are like something you've never seen, because lawyers, well, they just know how to extract the money from you. They're amazing at it.

You, an emotional wreck.

You, being triggered by anger.

Some of you being triggered by greed. That's right, a lot of you think that you're entitled to money that you're not entitled to.

So the lawyer finds whatever hot button they need to push.

And the lawyers will work that hot button.

They'll work it like masters, because they know exactly which buttons to push.

And this is wonderful, too. It's the only profession where they get to know where every dime of your money is. They get to know how much you have in savings. How much liquid you have in stock account. How much money literally you could be giving them.

They think if they can push your emotional buttons they can promise you big things. They can get themselves their pool, their wing on their house. Depending on how much money you have, depending on how much money they can try to extract from you.

For those of you who are divorce attorneys, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't deny it.

The good of the client? It's always for the good of the client and the good of the lawyer, because I know you need to get paid and it's a business.

So that is the worst of getting divorced.

It's how the lawyers can try to manipulate money.

And I'll be writing many more articles on how to deal with attorneys, so you don't get emotionally caught up in a battle with your ex, and so you can save money.

So keep an eye out upcoming posts, and keep an eye on upcoming podcasts.

That way, you're able to literally put the money back in your pocket, and peacefully exit a marriage that you so desperately wanted to get away from.