The Wow of Michelle

The Wow of Michelle
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Michelle Obama brought the WOW factor to the Democratic Convention. She spoke with style, sense and substance. She was beautiful and brilliant. She is rated as the number one politician in America and she is not even a politician.

She is a common-sense black woman. She presented the essence of the non-traditional American Dream. Never ever did any of us think we would see an African American woman in the White House as first lady. Her timing was perfect. She spoke to the Obama life, from their love story to the student loan debt to a thriving ambitious husband, to raising normal children to career success to the White House.

She spoke her heart as she presented the qualitative difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. She addressed her childhood of seeing an ailing father struggle daily and made it to work and always having joy for his family at the end of the day. This is the stuff life is made of, that shapes character.

She has lived the life of America's typical family from struggle to ultimate success and what goes on in between. She connected with middle America in a big way. She spoke with passion. She brought it all together. She spoke to the hope and the change and the dream that the 2008 election was about.

She spoke with passion. She was the change. As the convention hall was surveyed you saw the dramatic visual difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republican convention hall was filled with mostly white -- and probably rich -- men. The Democratic floor had a color pool; it was inclusive and it represented the now and the new America.

Michelle Obama represented leadership. She is the girl from the South Side of Chicago, who went to Chicago public schools, Ivy League colleges and eventually to the White House. She has lived far beyond her dream with principals and strength.

She delivered in a big way. She even gave Chicago a new image and black women a new face.

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