'The X Factor' Eliminates First Contestant, Ushers In Awkward '80s Theme Night (VIDEO)

After a voting error last week, "The X Factor" doubled up the eliminations in its second week of live performances. That meant the first act voted out by America would leave during Wednesday night's performance show, while the second would follow on Thursday night.

Carlos Guevara became the first contestant eliminated, which saved him from having to participate in the mess that was the show's '80s-themed night. The judges were all dressed for the occasion -- except for Simon Cowell, of course -- while Mario Lopez even brought some cheesy dance moves to the stage. He even tried (and failed) to take on the moves of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

How connected were the contestants to the theme? When asked how much she knows about the '80s, Rion Paige answered that she likes the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls formed in 1994. It was that kind of night, and Simon Cowell didn't seem to be having much fun at all.

Buddy TV's John Kubicek thinks that maybe the ratings are souring Cowell's mood. "[Last] Thursday's episode of 'The X Factor' had less than 3.7 million viewers and, in the 18-49 demographic, it actually did worse than 'The Vampire Diaries' on the CW," he pointed out. And TVLine's Michael Slezak said that this week's theme wasn't going to help. “I’m not trying to hate-watch 'The X Factor,'" he wrote. "That would be a disservice to the 12 hard-working acts attempting to overcome seizure-inducing lights, battalions of background singers, checked-out mentors and cruel stylists who interpret the term ‘theme night’ as ‘second Halloween.’”

"The X Factor" struggles to find an audience as it seeks a winner on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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