The Year of Digital Transformation at IRCE

Another great few days of learning, networking and sharing at IRCE this year! From workshops that dove into the details of eCommerce technology, Google (& You), and mobile to an amazing flash mob from Windsor Circle on the exhibitor floor- this year was nothing less then impressive.

Some of the biggest buzz was around that buzz word many of us know so well... Cloud. Attendees had the opportunity to hear how companies in all industries were leveraging cloud-based platforms to grow their digital businesses. Armed with this insight and with plans of their own, thousands of people took to the convention center floor to talk tactics with platform and implementation providers.

We often hear about the ongoing digital transformation of our economy. IRCE was digital transformation in action this year. Companies in all industries were looking for the right software platforms and implementation providers to architect their modern e-commerce ecosystem. It was discovery at its finest. Businesses were looking for more than the technical fit and warranty of these systems. They were looking for guidance on how best to architect and orchestrate the many systems involved in running a successful digital retail business.

If there's one thing the team at Echidna took away, it is that it takes more than a world class software platform to build a world class digital business. It takes education, diligence and an eye for what is most important to each individual business. Talking to many business leaders at IRCE, they often discussing wanting to find a partner they can trust to gain that guidance from. The platforms that are available to businesses today can do a lot of amazing things, which means it's more important than ever that leaders take the time to really get to know the people who build, implement and integrate these platforms. Attendees had that opportunity at IRCE. And you can be sure the discussions that happened on that convention floor went a long way toward building the kind of trust companies will need to build a world-class e-commerce ecosystem. Look forward to what 2017 at IRCE will bring!