'The Year Of The Glitch': Photographer Phillip Stearns' Intentional Manipulations (PHOTO)

"The Year Of The Glitch" is photographer Phillip Stearns' 2012 resolution to post an image a day of errors he creates by messing with the circuitry of electronics. From Stearns' original site:

Each day will bring a new image, video or sound file from a range of sources: prepared digital cameras, video capture devices, electronic displays, scanners, manipulated or corrupted files, skipping CDs, disrupted digital transmissions, etc.

These images are not of broken things, but the unlocking of other worlds latent in the technologies with which we surround ourselves.

The images are also a reflection of Stearns' whims -- not only does he short-circuit his "prepared cameras" (a phrasing inspired by John Cage's "prepared pianos") to manufacture the errors, he adjusts the resulting images in a hex editor and the open-source editor Gimp in order to exaggerate whatever quality of the glitch he hopes to bring out. In Stearns' hands, a corrupted file -- a minor irritation -- becomes a glimpse of "the wilderness within the computer." The graphic, Rothko-y images are the latest big addition to the young field of Glitch Art (Kanye joined in 2009 with "Welcome To Heartbreak").

We've posted all of Stearns' images for the year so far, from most to least recent, which as it turns out, also progresses from brighter to starker. Take a look below, and head on over to Stearns' Year Of The Glitch Tumblr.