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The Young Turks are the New Morning Show for Air America

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It's a new day in America, Air America. The Young Turks are proud to join the Air America Radio network as their morning drive program all across the country.

We will not be targeting conservative talk shows. That's way too easy. They're ancient, decrepit dinosaurs that would fall of their own weight with or without us. Our goal is to be number one in every market we're in. So, our new target is whichever radio show happens to be holding our spot atop the radio ratings in our new markets.

We are very aggressive and we will take the fight to our opponents. This is not about treading water, this is about winning. So, all of the people who ever wrote a negative story about Air America - we are out to prove you wrong. If you want to take that as a direct challenge, be my guest.

I love the conservatives who say all of Hollywood is liberal and that liberals can't be entertaining on air. As always, what I find to be more pathetic are the people who buy into those ridiculously contradictory talking points.

I am positive we will upset many people. We are not even remotely politically correct, so we will definitely ruffle the feathers of some liberals (check out my last post about how Islam is not a religion of peace). Republicans will hate us because we are going to kick their ass on a daily basis (though some real conservatives might appreciate some of our stands). Whoever is still a Republican and defending this administration is either morally or intellectually bankrupt.

Now, on top of all this, we try to do a fun show. We're going to talk about sex - yes, FCC, I said sex! If you endanger a coal miner's life, the fine is $60. If you say one so-called dirty word on air, the fine is over $500,000. There's something fucked up about that. Those aren't American values. Those are the values of a sick culture that cares more about religious dogma than people's lives. Where's Jesus to throw the money changers out of the temple and chastise the false prophets when we need him?

Quick aside: Would Jesus be in favor of preemptive strikes? Republicans pretending to be Christians crack me up. Yes, Jesus wants you to nuke the Arabs. If they'll believe that, they'll believe anything!

We will, from time to time, talk about entertainment news and pop culture. Some listeners get all cranky about that because they think we should be saving the world with every minute of our show. To those people, I have this message: Just calm down. You're at a 10 and I need you at a 2. Believe me, there's plenty of time to kick these Republicans around - they make it so easy on us. A lot of times, we just need a good laugh.

To clarify, our show will not save the world. But it can save you the pain of listening to awful morning shows as you drive in to work everyday. No matter what happens on The Young Turks, you're not going to think, "Well, I could have heard that somewhere else."

We were the first talk show Sirius Satellite Radio ever had. We were the first liberal show to go nationwide (even before our new friends at Air America). We were the first show to do a live, video program everyday on the internet. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. If something needs doing, we flat out do it.

Quick note to our loyal Sirius listeners: We love you guys and we want to do everything we can to keep you with us. That is one of the reasons we built our internet TV show. You can still hear and see the show everyday on the internet at We also loop it for 24 hours so that you can watch it whenever it is convenient for you.

It's been a long run with Sirius and they had the courage to put us on when every other station was firing anyone who was against the Iraq War. They exemplified the creative and independent spirit of satellite radio. Now, that is the same spirit we hope to bring to Air America Radio!

First show is on Monday morning, Sept. 18th, 6-9AM ET on your local Air America station, on XM Satellite Radio and on Can't wait to see you there.