The Zombie States of America: The Best and Worst Places to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Do you live in constant fear of the impending zombie apocalypse? No? Well, with The Walking Dead wrapping up its season, it's literally all we can think about. We know how Rick and the gang are faring in Georgia (terribly) but how would survivors in other states cope?


Welcome to the Zombie States of America has created a data set to rank each state's survivability using a few key metrics: gun ownership (to kill the zombies, duh), number of Walmart stores and hospitals for supplies, number of military bases for protection from the zombie hordes, population density and number of urban centers (lower the better, because you don't want all of New York chasing you) and terrain, with mountainous states receiving a boost.


The five best states to survive the zombie apocalypse are:

1. Texas with a survivability score of 67

With a low population density and more federally licensed firearms dealers, hospitals and Walmarts than any other state, Texas is an easy choice for best place to survive the zombie apocalypse. It also has more military bases than all but a handful of states, which will come in handy to protect your desert camp from zombie invasion, or, in the event that Fort Hood is lost, as a place to salvage supplies. If you're really worried about the ZA, a scouting trip to Texas could be a good idea.

2. Georgia with a survivability score of 65.25

Looks like The Walking Dead gang are lucky to be in Georgia, as the state's low population density, large number of Walmarts, military bases and hospitals, and high rate of gun ownership make it a great place to ward off impending doom. Of course, crazed groups of survivors trying to take your prison won't make matters any easier. Why the gang hasn't given any of the islands in coastal Georgia a chance yet, we do not know.

3. California with a survivability score of 65

California has a lot of things working against it: super high population density and a ton of large cities. But apparently the good outweighs the bad, and its mountainous terrain and impressive number of gun stores, Walmarts, hospitals and military bases tip the scales in its favor. One thing's for sure, the Sierra Nevada area and not Los Angeles is where you'll want to be.

4. North Carolina with a survivability score of 62

Guns, military bases, hospitals and Walmarts -- North Carolina has 'em in spades. It also has several urban centers and a high population density, but, again, GUNS. Perhaps the best place to hole up during the apocalypse is Asheville, NC, which has the highest concentration of breweries in America.

5. Virginia with a survivability score of 61

Virginia is pretty middle of the road in most categories, but its large number of hospitals, Walmarts and military bases make it a great spot to seek shelter from the zombies. And it's pretty close to Washington D.C., which, you know, would totally be protected to the last man standing. Also, if the ZA goes down like in World War Z, then Naval Station Norfolk will certainly come in handy.

The five worst states to survive the zombie apocalypse are:

46. Hawaii with a survivability score of 30

At first glance Hawaii would seem like a great place to survive the zombie apocalypse: it's cut off from the rest of the United States, the weather is nice and there are volcanoes in which to dispose of rotting zombie corpses. But what if the zombie virus does spread to infect entire islands? Well, then you're trapped on a small island with millions of zombies and basically no guns. Doesn't sound so paradisiacal now, does it?

47. Nebraska with a survivability score of 28

Nebraska does not score well on any category, except population density. It's flat, which means the zombies can move faster (and you won't see them because of the corn stalks!), it's only got a few gun stores and there are just a couple of military bases to protect survivors.

48. New Jersey with a survivability score of 27.5

New Jersey is the most densely populated state, and coupled with its lack of guns and mountains, means it's one of the most difficult places to survive the societal breakdown. And that's not even taking into account the millions of zombie New Yorkers who are sure to come flowing across the bridges and through the tunnels in search of their next meal.

49. Delaware with a survivability score of 16.75

Small states with no guns, no mountains and lots of people don't fare well in the zombie apocalypse. That we know. And Delaware is no exception.

50. Rhode Island with a survivability score of 14.75

And here it is; Rhode Island is hands down the worst place to survive the zombie apocalypse. Its population density is high, there are no mountains or guns, and, really, not much of anything else that would be useful either. So here's some advice to Rhode Islanders, when the mysterious bitings/illnesses start, head south.