The Zoscars (Zombie Oscars)

I did not watch the majority of the Oscar broadcast because I had better things to do. There were zombies to be killed over on The Walking Dead. It was an entire episode about Daryl! Who cares about the Oscars?

So, I thought it would be fun today to do my own Walking Dead Zombie Oscars.


First, there would be a red (because, you know, blood) carpet show with my boyfriend Chris Hardwick, the host of Talking Dead.

Then, the awards go to...
Lifetime Achievement
Hershel. We miss you, man. You were good people.

We're glad you're gone
Laurie. You were a selfish brat and a terrible mother. It's the apocalypse, watch your kid and stop sleeping with your husband's psycho friend.

Best zombie fighter

Daryl. Maybe Daryl should just win everything.

Best Use of a crossbow


Most in need of a girlfriend
Daryl. C'mon writers, poor dude needs to find love at least once in his sucky life before everybody bites it. (See what I did there?)

Person with whom I'd most want to be trapped in a trunk
Daryl. (Daryl will you marry me? I don't think my husband would mind.)

Way to Keep Romance Alive

Glen and Maggie. If one of you dies before you find each other again, I'm going to be so mad.

Most Likely to Die

Rick. Ok, maybe not MOST likely, but I've kind of lost sympathy for you and you're not in good shape, man.

Most likely to not actually be a killer

Carol. I'm 95% sure Lizzie killed Tyreese's girlfriend. Carol gave Lizzie her knife right before that happened.

Creepiest little girl

Lizzie. You're weird.

Most likely to not be who he says he is

The new "scientist" with the mullet

Grossest Kill

Baby pigs.

My predictions:

-The worms that were in the garden have something to do with the new bloody eyeball disease

-Lizzie tries to kill Judith, they all realize she killed Tyrese's girlfriend, Tyreese goes nuts, Carol kills Tyreese.

-Beth and Daryl hook up. Beth dies.

Do you have any crazy predictions to add to the list? Awards you'd like to give?