TheFuturein5 Ep 31: Are We Going to Live in -- The Blue World, The Orange World, or The Green World?

In this episode of The Future in 5, I wanted to talk to you about a really cool report that PwC put out not too long ago. I recently did a podcast interview with Antonia Cusumano who helped create the report, and during our discussion on what the future of work is going to look like, we touched on this topic. In their report, PwC identified three scenarios for what the future of the world is going to look like based on three different types of worlds -- the blue world, the green world and the orange world. In the blue world organizations just become massive. We've all seen videos and movies depicting the distant future where monolithic organizations are housed in massive skyscrapers, have hundreds of thousands or millions of employees, and rule the world. The green world is a world where corporate and social responsibility and sustainability reign supreme. This is where we care about the environment and making a difference in our communities -- we really care about the world, which trumps the decisions that organizations make. Then we have the orange world where "small is the new beautiful." The orange world is where everything becomes smaller. Freelancers reign, big companies start to operate like a group of smaller companies, and networks become more relevant. In this episode I talk more about these worlds created in PwC's report. I also share which world I would put my "chips" on and why, and other questions it raises. Which world do you think is going to be most pervasive and which world do you want to live in? As always, I'm curious to hear what you think. So, tune in and leave a comment!

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