#TheFuturein5 Episode 37: HR and IT Are the Two Sexiest Job Functions

In this episode of the Future in Five I wanted to talk about the two sexiest roles or departments within organizations today. Some of you might disagree with me, and I fully expect that. But, I think that HR and IT are the sexiest departments. These two departments are typically seen as being the most frustrating, legacy, not evolving, not modern, and not being cool -- the exact opposite of sexy. However, I think we are seeing a big turning point in HR and IT, and I tell you why in this episode. HR is focusing on so much more than just hiring and firing employees. And, IT is now the central nervous system of the organization. These are the two functions within an organization that I believe are ultimately responsible for touching everyone and everything within the organization. Tell me, what do you think the sexiest role or department is within an organization? Tune in for the full discussion and let me know!

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