#TheFuturein5 Episode 40: How to Stay Relevant in The Changing World of Work

This episode of The Future in 5 is about staying relevant as the world of work changes. I share three tips that we can all do to ensure we stay relevant and current even as the world of work continues to change at a rapid pace. They are: 1) leverage the online educational environment to educate and teach yourself the skills needed for the jobs that you want to have; 2) leverage social channels creating filters to stay on top of current information; and 3) leverage communities relevant to your interests in the future of work. And as a bonus tip - don't forget to leverage traditional networking environments and relevant publications. What do you do to stay relevant? Tune in for the full discussion and don't forget to leave me your comments!

Jacob Morgan is a futurist, best-selling author and keynote speaker, learn more by visiting The Future Organization.com or check out his latest book,"The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders and Create a Competitive Organization," on Amazon.