Why Thelma And Louise Are The Ultimate Nasty Women


I have such strong revenge fantasies when I see the entire chauvinist-club, presently lead by the loutish and lewd Groper in Chief, D. Trump. Wouldn't it be nice if the two legendary angry female road warriors Thelma & Louise would pay him (and the rest of his ilk) a visit and do their gutsy thing? I can only dream of what they would do to a guy who is "compulsively drawn to kissing beautiful women," and who thinks nothing of "grabbing them by the pussy." A swift kick in the groin and mussing up his yellow hair is probably the kindest of their options I think.

I say: We need an update of that fine spirit right now!

Why is it that this 20-year-old feminist road caper was one of the biggest blockbusters in 1991? Because it put the finger right in the old wound: women in their (accepted) roles as nobodies, as dumb damsels, available obsequious targets for abuse and sexual advances.

What was so satisfying about the movie was that it tried to reverse the passive and pliant woman (Trump's favorite targets) who offers no resistance to the crudest and even violent hassling of your "normal", red-blooded male.

Finally enraged, the two spirited besties introduced a new and rather effective way to put men in their place (one of them actually five feet under). It felt mighty good to shirk for once the shameful role of the whining poor victim who endures abuse because it seemed inevitable.

I remember women applauding and jeering in the cinema when the two intrepid vagabonds shot the tires of that disgusting trucker jerk (come to think of it, he was like the Trump of the asphalt). It was a triumphant day at the movies all right. Don't mess with women who operate on pent-up rage was the message, loud and clear.

Trump is done -- with or without the "harmless locker room banter" of late, but what isn't done -- in a long shot -- is the problem a large number of women still have with assertiveness and self-worth when it comes to serial-sexists and habitual predators like Trump.

The world is full of sleaze bags, misogynists, pompous pashas, crotch grabbers, and smarmy seducers. And they always get "lucky."

"Women let you do it," Trump claims about his casual harassment program with the ladies. Yes, a too-large number of women allow just about everything on a bad day it seems without fighting back; instead they serve their compliant, fearful self on a silver platter to any takers. Like the young woman did who came forward last week and told tales of Trumps relentless and smutty sexual innuendos during a business talk where her boyfriend was even present.

More than ever, it's the fearless spirit women should be looking for -- while asking where it all went. Many women in the late 1960s and early 1970s certainly had it. Men were told in no uncertain terms where the limits were.

Let's bring it back and transport it into offices, colleges, streets, and well, all the places where men and women converge. Be loud, be clear, be strong, be explicit. Give 'em hell!! Yes, you can say, "Fuck off!" for everyone to hear -- even if you are a clueless cutie being pawed by Donald! Do it! Don't be a doormat, be the one who slams the door! Right in the face of the Trumps of the world. It will be a welcome and beautiful noise!

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