Theme Park Addict Marcus Gaines Spends Over $43,000 Riding Roller Coasters

How Far Does This Man's Theme Park Addiction Go?

Marcus Gaines is a 39-year-old cameraman and father-of-one from Southampton, England that has taken roller coaster riding to a whole new level -- he's spent £33,000 ($43,718.40) on 1,099 roller coasters -- with no plans to retire.

Need a better idea of how far his thrill-seeking goes? Herewith, some more jaw-dropping facts about Gaines' roller coaster obsession, thanks to The Daily Mail:

  • He first rode a roller coaster at age 5 and has since been on the some of the world's tallest and longest coasters.

  • He's visited 251 parks on his 46 trips to 19 countries -- from New Jersey to Japan.

  • He spends the equivalent of one month a year in a theme park.

  • The tracks of the rides he's ridden connected would stretch 905 miles.

  • Since he joined the European Coaster Club at age 25, he's ridden an average of 100 coasters a year.
  • Gaines told The Daily Mail, "I'm like a little child who still gets incredibly excited at the sight of a new roller coaster...It's a form of escapism, which allows me to forget the stresses of everyday life and lose myself in the moment."

    In regard to his experiences with different cultures in his extreme travels, Gaines said, "From my travels, I've seen how different nationalities embrace roller coasters in different ways. The Japanese and Chinese keep their heads down, terrified of what's to come -- whereas the Germans go wild and shout and scream. In Spain, queue-jumping is rife, and I have found myself moving backwards as I wait to board a ride." His two-year-old son seems to have picked up his father's love of coasters -- he's already been on 3 rides, reports.

    He's going to have a brand new ride to conquer very soon -- The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that a new, "world record-breaking" coaster is going to be built at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio where the ride Son of Beast used to stand. Maybe he should check out the world's "must-ride" coasters to check those off his list, too?

    Check out photos of some of Gaines' wildest adventures here!

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