Then Follows Judgment

This is what the prophets warn us about.

Millennia ago the prophet Isaiah said, "Woe to them who call evil good and good evil." And, alas, it is true that we sometimes get the two mixed up.

So, now that Trump is going to lead our nation with both chambers of Congress at his disposal, we have to ask ourselves: What might woe look like? Like, are those two barrels pointed at us?

I want to go on record right now and say something ridiculous (and why not?): Maybe Donald Trump will go to the meeting when they tell the new president the whole truth about the world and he will shit himself a little, as past presidents have surely done, and finally pivot to a more stable-seeming individual who will not start a nuclear war, for just one example. The evangelicals had better pray hard for that.

Because there will be fallout - interesting how that metaphor works so well now - in the wake of a Trump presidency, there will be ramifications deeply felt, but I am willing to assert that maybe it will come out OK. Republicans now have complete power, perhaps a solid hold on the Supreme Court for decades to come, they have spent the last 8 years saying how government hasn't been working and we are going in the wrong direction. OK, let's go Republicans, we are giving you our government: You say you can fix it, then fix it. Fallout doesn't have to be a bad thing. I personally believe conservatives have been crying "Wolf!" about Obama for the past 8 years and now they've got one, but I've been wrong before and often.

Seriously, maybe it will be OK. Let's see how the country looks and feels in 4 years. And please, when Marco Rubio says that every problem in the Trump years is Obama's fault, please for the love of God do not believe him.

Something tells me that Trump isn't going to pivot. I wonder how many people will suffer that?

I wonder if there is anybody awaiting judgment who supported Hitler and his to rise to power. If I help to put Hitler into power, looking past the hate in his rhetoric, and he commits genocide, do I not share in the blame? Yes, I do - and very directly. I am altogether culpable and on the hook for every nook and cranny of Nazi evil; all of the suffering and death, the pain and cruelty, it is all at my own feet. Not that I meant it that way - of course not! But what can I do? I enabled Hitler. Where is my escape?

I am so afraid for my good Christian friends who supported Trump. What he will do - for good or for ill - they have willingly put into his hand. Everybody who supported Trump is on the hook for what goes down and what we look like in the years to come.

I'll tell you what woe looks like: It looks like slums and filth and violence and poverty and despair.

At the end, when God plays the tapes and we find out the ramifications of our actions, when it plays out in all of its seriousness before all of the witnesses, when we come to know, even as we are known, when there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, we will finally connect how our treasure - all of it! - is completely determined by how we treated the other. It won't matter the color or the religion of the child we trample and neglect, it won't matter if their parents were somehow unworthy of our grace and mercy, we will see their suffering vividly and that we didn't help, indeed that with our vote we facilitated the suffering unfolding before our very eyes.

I hope and pray I am wrong, but I think Trump supporters have just violently yanked support and grace out from under millions of children and good families who will now suffer want, just as surely as if they had swatted a drink of water out of a million thirsty hands in one fell swoop of petty selfishness and personal angst.

I am afraid for you Trump supporters, I am afraid before God. I mean this very sincerely. I pray for you. You have to spend the upcoming years feeling terrified that you just handed Nero a fiddle and a stockpile of fissionable matches, you have to spend the upcoming years (odds are) watching an unstable narcissist ruin a wonderful country and knowing you directly empowered him to do it. Good luck, if it goes badly, explaining to your kids how big of a deal the emails were.

The Republican Party now belongs to Donald Trump. Indeed, the future of America is now directly placed in his hands. Prayer is in order.