Then Why Hide Taylor Schilling?

Recently Orange is The New Black's gangsta kingpin, Taylor Schilling announced to "People" magazine that she has "absolutely nothing to hide" about her personal life, but she demurred on commenting on whether or not she had dated Portlandia star and guitarist Carrie Brownstein. By not commenting, I argue, isn't that in fact the very essence of "hiding." And if so why hide, and why play on the LGBT community that you may or not not be insinuating that you are one of us? I don't know, maybe it's Orlando and its carnage that has me so irked up about Ms. Schilling's wink. I once wrote she had the freedom to not tell us anything about her personal life. But that was over a year ago, and now I simply want her to commit. What is so wrong about being one of us if in fact she is? And if she isn't then just leave us alone with these temptations. So she wants a "partner in crime." Again, it's just leading us on again. Are you speaking to the LGBT community or to Zac Efron who she once starred in a movie with? Maybe Orlando has pushed the edge. Were all of the deceased or injured out to their family, friends, or co-workers? They are now! I understand Ms. Schilling has the right to protect her sexuality as she lives in a judgmental Hollywood, or so she perhaps believe. If she kisses a man will we not be believing? Is that what halts her from taking the big plunge? Hollywood has a history of leading men and women, now decades gone, who were closeted and yet I believe their performances. I still love Rock Hudson and Doris Day kissing together. Maybe I'm just looking for a little more "pillow talk" from Ms. Schilling because she is a big and gorgeous star. She'd be a welcomed member to the LGBT community who struggles to regain its footing in these unsteady times when we want someone like her to be proud amongst us. So peekaboo Taylor Schilling. I have no idea what you mean by hiding. But it seems to me that being free is for those who take the call to be brave.