22 New Chapters In The Most Adorable Naptime Love Story Ever

22 New Chapters In The Most Adorable Naptime Love Story Ever

In November, we introduced you to Theo and Beau, a diminutive duo, that subsequently stole the Internet's heart. As a holiday gift to everyone, the magic continues on blogger Jessica Shyba's Instagram account.

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we are thankful for hoodie weather. and each other.

"Beau and Theo have absolutely no idea what is going on around them," Shyba tells HuffPost. "Their relationship and bond is strengthening and growing each day, and that is truly fantastic to bear witness to. It's magical."

The mom, who has been using her photos to raise awareness of the Santa Cruz SPCA (where her family found Theo), adds: "My focus now is making sure the Santa Cruz SPCA is able to raise enough funds to get a new facility, and to spread the word about rescuing pets in general."

In the meantime, the world's most delicious naptime love story continues:

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to each other, we belong.

tab 4
Beau turns TWO on Saturday! Thinking he might have fur-bro help opening gifts.

tab 5
We adopted Theo, but in a way we were all rescued.

tab 7
teeny sugarplum dreamers

tab 11
perfect solitude. learning much from the perfectly innocent.

tab 3
you just never know what tomorrow will bring. I #theoandbeau's case, it was a best friend.

tab 15
Of all of us, Theo looks forward to this the most...

tab 20
the art of napping

tab 9
We're all napping today. Happy holidays & love to all.

tab 13
early #SFGiants indoctrination for even the fur baby.

tab 6
Finally peace after rooting on the Buckeyes all morning.

tab 1
Theo is fidgety... I honestly don't know how Beau sleeps through it.

tab 17
Working hard at snuggling

tab 18
Today in nap land

tab 19
Peaceful moments in between taping segments.

tab 21
Nap time used to be my productive time. Now I just sit and stare at them.

tab 24
love is all you need

tab 10
T-Bone fell asleep on the couch watching football. I swear he is part human.

tab 8
brothers from another mother

tab 2
Mornings are the second sweetest time of day with these two.

For details about Theo and Beau (including where mom gets all of their adorable outfits) visit Jessica Shyba's blog Momma's Gone City and keep up with the napping by following @mommasgonecity on Instagram.

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