How Jane And Stephen Hawking's Story Impacted The 'Theory Of Everything' Screenwriter

Among the five nominations announced for the "Theory Of Everything" on Thursday morning came a nod for screenwriter Anthony McCarten. HuffPost Entertainment spoke to McCarten and one the producers Lisa Bruce to see how they felt about the recognition.

"It's something that I tried to put out of my thoughts, because I didn't think it was very helpful to my centeredness," McCarten said. "Now it's come rushing in, and it's entirely pleasurable to be recognized by my peers in this way. With this film, in this category, too. It's just really wonderful."

"I would say if you're woken up to any news at 5:30 in the morning, it's usually bad news," Bruce chimed in. "So, it was quite a thrilling morning to be nominated. I'm really excited that the picture earned five [nominations], because I think Felicity and Eddie's performances are so incredible. I'm quite thrilled Anthony was rewarded for his amazing screenplay. It's good 5:30-in-the-morning news."

Both also noted how the film has impacted their lives, in giving them a greater ability to appreciate what they have.

"Everybody who worked on the movie got a new perspective on complaining about things in their life," Bruce said. "When you look at Stephen and Jane, I think you recalibrate how you think about things in your life, and you realize how lucky you are to just be able-bodied. It's the simplest thing in the world. Their tale has really changed my perspective on time and how to use it."

"I think it's such an inspirational story," McCarten added. "Despite his physical setbacks, [Stephen Hawking] was able to expand our understanding of the universe."



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