Theory Proves 'Last Witch Hunter' Is A 'Fast And The Furious' Sequel

Vin Diesel is back for one last ride ...

In "The Last Witch Hunter," Vin Diesel lives his life one witch slaying at a time.

The movie follows Diesel as Kaulder, an 800-year-old witch slayer with the curse of immortality, which means he's just forced to be awesome forever. Diesel does his best to keep peace between the worlds of humans and witches with the help of an unbelievable cast including Elijah Wood, Rose Leslie and Michael Caine. In addition to the action and drama, Wood told The Huffington Post that what drew him to the film was its originality, saying he was "impressed how detailed the mythology was."

Wood added, "I think it’s also refreshing to read something that is at this budget level and is a completely new idea. That’s not based on any preexisting text. It’s not a sequel or a reboot" ... or is it?

After watching the film, one mind-blowing revelation became pretty evident to us. HuffPost discussed this with both Wood and director Breck Eisner, who both actually supported the idea. And it changes everything:

The theory: Vin Diesel's Kaulder from "Last Witch Hunter" and Dominic Toretto from the "Fast and the Furious" series are the same person. 

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Just think about it: Kaulder is 800 years old and constantly switching identities, he has an affinity for nice cars, he can't die and the end of the movie has a car whipping around the corner, "Tokyo Drift"-style. 

Everything appears to match up. The timeline doesn't seem to be an issue, and "Fast and the Furious" fans know Dom makes a point of saying, "I don't have friends." Well, neither does Kaulder.

(Is this actually happening right now? Is. This. Happening.)

It's crazy, but it appears for a small time during his 800 years, Kaulder was Dominic Toretto.

Making a "Fast and the Furious" connection even more plausible, the movie seems to have callbacks to other films, too. For instance, a scene with Elijah Wood in a cave with a spider-like monster is reminiscent of his "Lord of the Rings" scene with giant spider Shelob. Oh, and there's this: 

Image: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMJauze_cl8" target="_blank">YouTube</a>
Image: YouTube

Jason Statham is playing that monster, right?

Image: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNmd-WRtgiA">YouTube</a>
Image: YouTube

Yeah. Classic Statham.

Perhaps the best evidence of all is that Wood and Eisner are actually into the theory, too. 

Eisner confirmed to HuffPost that "the car peeling off at the end" was a nod to "Fast and the Furious," saying, "Of course, we all recognize that Vin is clearly associated with Dom, and let’s please acknowledge that."

The director said the theory wasn't necessarily in their plans, but added, "I do like that. The idea of immortality. Dom is clearly immortal. I mean those ["Fast and the Furious"] guys don’t die. They’re superheroes now."

When we brought up how Dom comes back to life after appearing to die near the end of "Furious 7," Eisner laughed, "Yeah right, exactly! C'mon, man. Break out the CPR. We can get him back!'"

After explaining the theory to Wood, the actor lit up, "Oh right! Because if he’s changing his identity. True, he totally could’ve been moonlighting as Dom Toretto. You’re right. It totally works. It checks out."

Is Kaulder actually Dominic Toretto? And could "The Last Witch Hunter" be a "Fast and the Furious" sequel? Well, how else could you explain this besides magic?

And, you know, CGI and stuff ...

... but mostly magic.

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