Stop What You're Texting And Look At This New Emoticon

Yep, emoticon.

Hello, everyone. It is the year 2015. We still punctuate our emails and texts with little human faces; we've just moved on to emojis, where the faces are a little cuter. And there's one that looks like poop.

We're not too good for emoticons. They're just not the novelty they once were in, say, 2001. Some we never really figured out -- looking at you, weird dollar sign mouth (":$") -- so we stick to smiles and frowns. They're pretty old news, TBH.

But what if we told you there's a new emoticon? That you haven't seen? Even though you've seen all of them?


What? Where? Why? Glad you asked.

What it is: An apostrophe, a comma, a colon and a closed parenthetical mark make up this new sassy smiley. ‘,:)

Where it came from: We found it on someone's Tumblr, above the comment "10/10," and was originally posted by user failsyndrome. It is not listed on Wikipedia's list of emoticons. If you've been using it this whole time, congratulations on your genius, but no thanks for not sharing.

Why we need it: The human experience encompasses a wide range of emotions which are sometimes conveyed visually in the form of facial expressions. This one, to us, is the face you make when you go, "Really?" while you're trying to size someone up in a friendly way but you're right on the edge of getting real. Like this:

Also, we just want to point out that if it's 2015 and people are still discovering new ways to anthropomorphize punctuation, then there are probably some other emoticons out there waiting to be found. Happy hunting.

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