There Is No Right Way, Just Write

To anyone who wants to be in many places at once, write.

To everyone who doesn't think they're a "good writer," write.

To those wanting to connect to their soul and inner wisdom, write.

To all who have been saying they want to write more, write.

To you who loved writing years ago, write.

Write for yourself. Write for those who will benefit in what you value, believe and stand for because they need to feed the seeds of what they value, believe and stand for. Write for all who will finally understand they're not alone because of the way you uniquely string the words together.

Write for what you have no business in writing about but were born knowing.

Even if you never share it with anyone (though we wish you would), write to connect dots, to lighten the mood, to help ground and anchor, celebrate and/or birth your or someone else's aha. (Global happiness depends on each one of those ahas.)

Everything you put out there, regardless if one person or thousands experience it, sends energy into the world. You have the opportunity to send out a ship of positivity or negativity and decide which you believe will come back with the gold. If you stand for the former, again, in many ways it doesn't matter if you push post or get it published. The fact that you said it and took up that space in the world means the latter can't.

That said, next time you write someone or use the voice given to you to connect, inspire and motivate for something other than that, own it; own the energy you bring to the room.

I ask, if writing feeds you, why go hungry? Do it regardless of what the mind believes, do it to feed your soul. Your authentic voice, in full integrity and perfect imperfection is tied to your vitality, your very life force.

It helps you expand outside the box and what may feel like cubicle nation. It helps you forgive and fly. It creates space to feel more joy and connects you with your tribe. It also licks the fresh wound to heal it in record time.

In finding, then getting the words out, you go from wounded bird to wise warrior and it's in this very process that you also find a way to say what you really want to say when you finally get on that stage, have the difficult talk or respond (vs. react) to clients.

The medicine and elixir is always inside.

Finally, and maybe even most importantly, it helps you pass the torch of self-respect and expression to your kids, nieces and grandchildren who can't verbalize it, but want desperately to continue expressing themselves as they grow. They know how to do it beautifully now but as little humans grow to be bigger humans, sadly, they lose it.

To anyone and everyone that considers themselves on the path -- write. Write so that in stirring the soul, whether it lies inside you or someone else, you stir the mess into a type of soft serve or daring delight.

It's truly a sweet assignment.