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There Is Now A Dating Site For People Who Love Burritos

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By Brittney McNamara,Teen Vogue.

Relationships can fall apart at Chipotle. When they don't get guac, then clearly you need to move on. If they ask for their burrito without cheese, then Houston, we have a problem. Finally, you won't have to suffer through those endless, dead-end dates thanks to the geniuses at Zoosk who have brought us a burrito-based dating app.

Burrit-OH! matches you with a future fling based on whether or not your burrito preferences are compatible. Clearly, this is the best way to get that cheesy love story you've been waiting for. You have to act fast though -- it's all a joke.

Zoosk created the app (which actually exists, just not for long) as an April Fool's Day Joke. Ok, so burrito preference is not actually why relationships fall apart, and we can deal with a partner who doesn't like guac. But, it's still a great idea! The press release announced the app (on April 1, of course) as a way for daters to transcend those trivial connections and really assess someone's personality through their burrito order. It touts matching through burrito as achieving a deeper level of compatibility.

So maybe values and personality traits are actually more important in a relationship, but wouldn't it be nice if it were all burritos?

If you're looking for a lunch date, or just want to bond over your twin Chipotle orders, download Burrit-OH! and get to swiping. As Glamour points out, if you match with someone via Burrit-OH!, at least you know they'll be down to have a good laugh.

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