There's Always a Next, Never an Only

There's Always a Next, Never an Only
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In life there are changes, so instead of wallowing in them, choose to embrace those changes. With change comes amazing opportunities; opportunities to grow emotionally, spiritually, physically and to acquire a new perspective. The problem is not the problem but our reaction to our perceived problem. See, lots of times we think we have a problem because of our choice to perceive it as a problem. It's all about our mindset.

One way to get back into the flow of life is to have the mindset of, "There's always a next, never an only." How many times have we said, "this is my one and only car, house, job, boyfriend..." only to find down the road another car comes along that we like better, has nicer features and suits us better at that time in our lives? So, my point is that just because this relationship/marriage didn't work out, it doesn't mean that it's your only - there is a next.

Have a "no exception rule." That means, no matter what happens in your life, your mindset about yourself and your life won't change. With an 'only' mindset, you view life as if the best has already happened. With a 'next' mentality, you view life with hope and expectation that the best is yet to come. You have the ability to write a new chapter in your book of life. How exciting! What do you wish for? Strive towards that wish. Keep yourself focused and ask yourself everyday, "Is what I am doing laying the foundation for that wish or tearing it down? Am I thinking big or thinking small?"

Moving into your next chapter also allows you to unearth your passions. Ask yourself these questions to help you start thinking in that direction, but keep in mind the important element here is to answer them not intellectually but from the heart.

- What do I love?
- What things inspire me?
- What must I have in my life for it to be meaningful?
- What are my core passions, values and beliefs?
- When I remember the best/worst time in my life, what
precious passion, value or belief was present or missing?

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