There’s No Debating The Cuteness Of These #BabiesForBernie

These babies aren't afraid to feel the Bern.

A new social media trend is combining politics, dress-up and sheer cuteness.

Using the hashtag #BabiesForBernie, parents have been posting photos of their little ones dressed up as Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders -- complete with glasses, white hair and serious presidential ambitions.

Mom Ashira Siegel launched a Babies for Bernie Facebook group and website along with fellow activist Bryan Leggo.

A meme of Siegel's son Natan posing as Bernie Sanders quickly became a viral hit and served as inspiration for the Babies for Bernie merchandise she sells online. As the website's description states, "All parents want a better future for their children. Bernie Sanders is going to get us there!"

Looking at the #BabiesForBernie Instagram photos, this much is clear: When it comes to politics, these babies (and big kids) aren't afraid to feel the Bern.

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