There's No Way You'll Frown When You See These Upside-Down Dogs

Adorable from every angle!

When it comes to dogs, all sides are their good sides. 

Photographer Serena Hodson, a 39-year-old who lives in Brisbane, Australia, just released a photo series featuring dogs looking downright delightful on their backs.

The series, called "The Upside to Dogs," is bound to make you turn that frown upside-down. 

Some of the pooches seem sleepy, while others are unapologetically goofy. Hodson told The Huffington Post that the concept for the photo shoot came from her very own dogs, Simon and Garfunkel, who are featured in the series.

"I have photographed Simon on his back since he was a pup and my following have always lapped up the layers of gorgeous wrinkles," she said. "Then came along Garfunkel, my Frenchie, who always sleeps on his back. One day watching him get into his nightly position on his back I saw this ridiculous face of heaven." 

She thought it'd be a hoot to see other dogs do the same. 

"It took a special kind of dog and owner relationship for the shots as it’s not natural for all dogs to arrive at a stranger’s house and flop on their backs," she said. "The callout was for very easy going dogs that regularly sleep on their back and along came all my willing wonderful models. ... When dogs are happy in their environment and feel safe it was pretty easy to get the shots."

Well, they definitely know their angles!




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