There’s Only One Way The Democratic Party Can Win Back The White House And Congress: Toss A Lit Match Into The Gas Can Of Trump Voters Perpetual Anger

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Put it this way: How does one talk someone mired in irrational beliefs into accepting fact-based reality? More to the point these days, how does one change a Trump voter’s mind and get her or him to reject Trump’s multiplying lies and vote for a Democrat next time?

How do you reason someone out of a position that they themselves did not reason into?

The answer is—you can’t.

But you can pry enough Trump voters out of the Republican Party and incite them to vote for Democrats, and thereby put a Democrat in the White House and dominate both houses of Congress for years to come.

First you have to understand how to do this.

Forget reason. Forget facts. Forget rational argument. Forget policy. Rather, think of distracting a greyhound chasing a rabbit. You won’t talk him out of it. There’s only one way: distract the mindless creature… with another rabbit.

Because I was an evangelical religious right leader in the 1970s and 1980s and then fled the fact-free netherworld I’d been reared in, when it comes to questions about the subject of changing minds perhaps I know what I’m talking about. I changed my mind about politics and theology. Most of my old evangelical friends and family did not. They also resisted (and resented) my attempts to talk them into joining me in what I regarded as the sunlight.

I have another sort of dark “expertise” besides knowing about changing minds related to my evangelical days: making people angry and using that anger to motivate action...

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