'There's Something About Mary' 15th Anniversary: Celebrate By Re-Watching The Best End-Credits Scene Ever (VIDEO)

On July 15, 1998, "There's Something About Mary" was released into theaters with precious little in the way of expectations. Then a funny thing happened: The R-rated comedy -- from writer-director brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly -- became a sleeper hit. "There's Something About Mary," which opened in fourth place during its first weekend, grossed over $176 million in North America over the next 23 weeks.

It was not hair gel, but "There's Something About Mary" was sticky nonetheless. In a sign of its incredibly longevity, the comedy was the No. 1 movie at the box office over Labor Day weekend in 1998, a full seven weeks after it debuted. There was indeed just something about "Mary."

Over the next 15 years, the success of "There's Something About Mary" would be felt throughout Hollywood. Following the film's release, stars Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller would find themselves on Hollywood's A-list, while R-rated comedies soon became viable options for studios. (Four of the top-five highest grossing R-rated comedies ever were released post-"There's Something About Mary"; "Mary" clocks in at number six all time.)

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of "There's Something About Mary," HuffPost Entertainment invites you to watch the film's closing credits video -- a cast sing-along of The Foundations' "Build Me Up Buttercup." It's the one part of "There's Something About Mary" that unfortunately didn't enter the zeitgeist on a permanent level (kudos, though, to "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "This Is The End" for making a play at "Mary"-like greatness with song-and-dance numbers during their respective end credits).

Watch the official credits video for "There's Something About Mary" above. Leave your favorite lines of dialogue from the film in the comments below.



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