There's Something About Samba!

Another week has passed and I know I say this every week but the time really is flying!

First of all, I want to thank you all for your support last week and all of your sweet messages about our Rumba. I have to admit that I felt like a princess in that costume and I was really proud of the dance that we were able to perform. It made it extra special that the audience and fans were so supportive. That support really has kept us going as Derek and I fly back to NYC every Monday night and I head straight to class on Tuesday mornings, basically leaving us with only three days to rehearse together. That limited time was extra challenging this week as we tried to master the Samba, such a technical and fast dance AND lots of emotion.

In addition, we had a very busy week with an appearance on The View and the opening night of Derek's show The Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. I was able to attend opening night on Thursday and I was blown away by the entire production. I sure do have a talented partner -- not only is he a world-renowned dancer and choreographer, but he can sing and act too! It made me want to rush back to the studio and get to mastering my dance steps. We also had a little mishap this week while trying to perfect one of our final move, our hands got tangled and Derek actually fell on my thumb. So do not be alarmed if you notice that my finger is black and blue ;) Luckily I'm used to training in pain from my years of gymnastics, so I got a few minutes to ice it and then it was back to work. Like I said, every minute counts with our schedule.

We are performing our Samba this week to "Chillando Goma" by Fulanito, which is a super fun and upbeat song! I'm really enjoying that each week brings a new challenge for me and keeps me on my toes, literally. It also continues to inspire me to watch my fellow competitors; we are all so different, which makes for such a unique show when we all come together for our individual interpretations of each of the dances.

Please keep your comments coming via my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - I absolutely love hearing what you think of each dance - the good and the bad as each week is all about improvement. Thank you so much for taking time to watch and vote for Team Houghkin, it is such a privilege to be able to dance each week and Derek and I are working hard to try to live up to your expectations. Remember you can vote for us by calling 1-855-234-5604 or online at

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