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Thermochromic Furniture That Changes Color On Contact

There are no "butts" about it.

If you're looking to add some fun into the decor of your home, why not play off of things you used to enjoy as a child? We have seen this trend take off with chalkboard paint and now we have found some thermochromic furniture that reminds us of those cool t-shirts we loved as kids.


This 'Linger a little longer' table and bench are made from solid European oak and have a special black finish. When your guests come into contact with the surface, its dark paint temporarily becomes transparent in response to heat, revealing the oak underneath.

The table and bench are designed in the UK by Jay Watson Design and are available for £1,850 or about $2419.06.

But, if you can't afford the price tag and want "thermochromic" in your home in smaller ways, check out this pot that changes colors as it gets hot, or this great "morning mug" that goes from a black sleepy face to a white awake face when hot.

Hat tip to Gizmodo

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