These 11 Sibling And Group Halloween Costumes Are Too Adorable To Handle

Is there anything cuter than a little kid sporting a fearsome or fashionable Halloween costume? Why yes, there is: two (or three or more) little kids dressed up in costumes! We just can’t get enough of young siblings and friends dressed up together for Halloween, which is why we partnered with Tiny Prints to share the most unbelievably adorable Halloween photos in existence. Scroll through for 11 utterly boo-tiful children’s trick-or-treating getups that are sure to make you scream with delight.

1. Crime (And Nap) Fighters
“I’ll be happy to clean up Gotham, just as soon as you change my diaper.”
2. New Sheriffs In Town
The hardest part about this costume isn’t finding the boots or a bandana. It’s growing the mustache.
3. Will, I Am. Kate, I Am.
Dressing up like a fairytale princess? Not that unusual. Dressing up like a real-life princess? You sure don’t see that every day.
4. Beam Us Up, Scotty
How about a prequel to the prequel?
5. ‘Oh, Mickey! You’re So Fine!’
These sisters would fit right in at the Happiest Place on Earth ... or Paris Fashion Week.
6. We’re Off To See The Wizard (For Candy)
There’s no place like home except on Halloween, when you should visit as many other homes as possible.
7. 3-2-1 ... Liftoff!
“Houston, we have zero problems!”
8. Glad To Have A Friend Like You
“No, Woody’s not here … He’s at home giving out candy.”
9. Never Grow Up
“Oh, it’s fine. My shirt is supposed to be like this. I’m in character.”
10. The Absolute Coolest
Snowbaby worried less about melting and more about falling over. (Don’t let him go, mom!)
11. Asleep On The Job
This Dalmatian may be cute, but he is one terrible watchdog.

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