12-Year-Olds Pinpoint Exactly What’s Wrong With How America Sees Race

Their stories are eye-opening.

Kids are not blind to the racial issues that are plaguing America.

“I feel a little scared if I just walk down the street,” said 12-year-old Lamine Fofana in a video produced by WNYC, a public radio station in New York City. "Cops might just think I’m doing something bad and if I try to explain to them, they won’t listen and just start beating me up and doing terrible things to me."

Fofana is just one of nine 12-year-old students who participated in a new video series titled "Being 12." In the video above, the children -- who come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds -- share their perspective on growing up in today's multicultural world and describe disturbing experiences dealing with race and culture.

One Venezuelan girl said she questioned her heritage after some kids made fun of a dish her family eats. In another clip, a biracial boy said he feels conflicted to prove himself when others tell him he’s not black.

A Haitian-Nigerian girl saw her parents victimized by racial prejudices.

“I remember when I was younger I went with my family to [a] restaurant and they made us pay in advance just in case we didn’t pay afterwards and that was kind of upsetting,” she said.

But just as they discuss big issues, these kids also share solutions. One boy said that if he was ever the mayor, he would recruit police officers from friendly neighborhoods who already know the community because they would be better suited than “some new guy.”

As the future leaders of this country, these kids make some valid points and adults should take heed.

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