These 13 Cat-Furniture Pieces Make Your Home More Chic Than Your Actual Furniture

We've got our (cat's) priorities straight!

From cat-inspired fashion collections to cat themed luxury luggage, felines have gone vogue. Yet the reality for day-to-day cat owners feels closer to plastic neon toys and beloved cardboard boxes than an ultra-chic aesthetic. And while we’d do practically anything for our favorite feline friends, at some point every cat person wonders how they can make their space pet friendly without sacrificing stylish décor?

That’s why we’ve partnered with Tidy Cats to showcase thirteen stylish designs for your home, featuring furniture that merges art with cat-approved function from an array of accomplished designers and specialty manufacturers. Now you can have nice things and keep Puss happy too!

CURIO Modern Cat Litter Box
Gone are the days of ugly litter boxes! Earn your cat’s affection (however fleeting), by giving them this handcrafted throne instead of that old plastic peasant tray. Feel your heart swell when your cat places its paw on yours to bless your offering. Besides, this high-quality side table is so darn cute, your friends and family are sure to “ooh and ahh” over the design just as much as you fawn over the kitty within it.
Catissa Geobed
If you’re stuck under a sleeping cat that’s colonizing your personal space, consider it the highest honor. (But you might want to holler at your closest neighbor to order this cat bed before your limbs go numb). This ultra-modern den should arrive before the hunger pangs kick in, drawing your cat inside to catch up on its beauty sleep and releasing you from your duty as a human mattress. Your cat deserves the best, right? So make it easier for your kitty to live a life of luxury on the comfy sheepskin cushion.
Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider
When you’re feeling lonely and wondering where your favorite fur ball is hiding, you can entice the most secretive of cats out into the open with this designer cabinet. When your cat’s got to go, the entrance is accessible yet discreet. Afterwards, it’s an opportune moment to scoop up your kitty for a much-needed cuddle! Guests will be none the wiser when they stop by for a drink – you’re just going to want to make sure that they use a coaster around this end table!
Felt Cat Basket
Finding it difficult to type with a cat on your keyboard? Tripping to your doom every time your kitty snoozes in the middle of the hallway? Look no further than this artisanal cat bed. Place one next you to instantly lure your cat away from your distraction-free zone (but we know you’ll still reach for a pet every few minutes). Your cat will love to hang out in this homey wool basket! And the material is thick enough to stay put, so you can get a second one to fashionably store your cat’s legions of toys or all the knickknacks your cat fiendishly enjoys knocking off the table.
Sebastian Modern Cat Tree
Let’s face it, your cat is likelier to have more exercise equipment than you do yet probably still prefers sprinting from room to room instead. While it’s always tempting to follow your cat around the house hoping to witness an adorable moment, it’s time to replace those bulky, unused contraptions. Your little lion can get much-needed exercise all in one elegant place with this feline jungle gym. Curb kitty boredom! With all the hiding nooks and scratching spots, even the most domestic of cats will go wild.
The Cube
Your cat can embrace a hygge lifestyle too with this cozy cocoon, all the while seriously amping up your own style cred. The cushy padding inside the sphere calls for long, slumberous cat naps, which may save you from that all-night meowing at your bedroom door. You may even get to turn the tables during the day when you reach inside to wake up your dozing kitty! On top of that, you won’t have to worry about claws ruining this statement piece — The Cube also functions as an alluring scratching post. Scratch away!
Oscar Cat Rest
Cultured cats will dig the Neo-Futurist design of this cat rest. The wavy shape molds to your cat as it stretches out over the curves, causing every cat parent to seriously consider their kitty’s potential modeling career or Instagram fame. One thing’s for sure: You won’t be able to resist the photo op of your cat with this ultramodern creation, so be prepared to add another gazillion cat photos to the albums on your phone.
Your cat will not want to follow you into your basic bathroom ever again after experiencing this supercool litter box. This eggshell-like refuge for your kitty’s unsightly deeds will conjure space-agey thoughts as you boast to anyone in proximity of its high-end French design. C’est tres chic! Plus, its name is just fun to say, again and again.
Contoure Modern Cat Tree
This cat perch is the ideal vantage point for your cat overlord to happily observe the daily wanderings of home life—or to judge that extra brownie you just ate. You can easily swap out those carpeted megastructures with this unusual design that could be mistaken for a bookshelf or a piece of art. Your kitty will spend hours ruling its dominion from above, ensuring you know who’s really in charge (and we wouldn’t have it any other way!).
Rondo Stand
Your feline friends will look so sophisticated inside this designer perch that you might catch yourself debating culture and philosophy aloud—and almost forgetting they can’t answer back. Truly classy cats will claim this leather-upholstered cavern as rightfully theirs, and the award-winning craftsmanship of this piece will exponentially upgrade your living space. So if your cats could talk, they would definitely sound debonair.
The Bank
Most kitties demand a sacred space for their litter box, so this clever bench is the optimal way to give finicky cats their privacy. All too often, however, the sand does not stay within the shrine, and while litter around the house may be your cat’s aesthetic choice, most cat owners prefer to contain the mess. That’s why cat behavior experts crafted the Kattbank to conceal the litter and keep your cat’s paws clean with a specially designed grid mat. This is a must-have for the fur-ball who demands personal space. (Just try not to faint over the price.)
Bloq Eco
If your taste leans more shabby chic, then this is the cat bed of your dreams. What’s more, you’ll never lose your seat to a sneaky kitty again after standing up, because your cat will be too busy purring with pride within this gorgeously distressed side table. The inside cushion is an optimal resting spot, and your cat will look so comfortable that you may just cancel your plans to follow suit. Because let’s be real, our cats are our social lives!
Cat Console
Cat owners know the drill—double-side tape, thick blankets, plastic covers—anything to delay the inevitable destruction of furniture. But good news! There’s a way to minimize the war zone with this display shelf that’s actually meant for your cat’s claws. Your cat will spare your personal effects in favor of the replaceable scratch pad on this slender wall attachment. No more wincing at the sound of shredded upholstery. Hooray!

If your cat furniture is more chic than your regular furniture, you clearly are the type of person who insists on living with the best. So, when you get a beautiful litter box for your cat, why not fill it with an amazing litter? New Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade Tough Odor Solutions Clean Blossoms keeps your home, and your unique cat décor, at its very best. Now that’s the power of pleasant.