These 2 questions will help you quit your job

Fast-track your exit strategy

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So you want to quit your 9–5 job and an be a full-time entrepreneur?

You’ve wished for it, prayed for it. If you’re like me and many of my clients, you’ve had a loop in your head going for years now. You’ve even felt desperate at times, wishing for a layoff (so you could collect unemployment and use that safety net to grow your business) or maybe even something more drastic, like a hospital stay — anything to keep you from having to keep walking in every day to a soul-sucking job.

Maybe you’re looking around at other people who have successfully quit (or seeing the Facebook ads) and you’re wondering, “Why can’t I do that too? What’s wrong with me?”

Maybe you have a list of “reasons” why you can’t, reasons like:

  • “I need that steady income.”
  • “I need the benefits and the health insurance.”
  • “I might fail spectacularly.”
  • “I wish I could quit my job, but I just can’t see how.”
  • “It’s not practical.”
  • “I’m scared.” (note: this is the biggest reason most people don’t leave, whether they realize it or not)

Two simple questions can change how you think, and therefore, the actions you take, so that you can get out of your job and create and run the business you’re passionate about full-time.

1. “What if it IS possible?

Instead of saying, “I wish I could quit my job!”, “THAT would be nice,” or telling yourself “They must have some advantage that I don’t since they have and I haven’t,” start asking yourself “What if if IS just as possible for me?”

What if those I see doing it aren’t lucky or special, but they started to ask themselves how to make it possible, and then they found the answer to their own questions? What if, like Tony Robbins said, they “ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers”?

It all starts with you believing it’s possible and getting yourself in the driver’s seat, rather than looking for all of the reasons it’s not.

On the heels of opening yourself up to that possibility for you is the next, more practical question:

2. “How can I?”

So, if you’re starting to believe that it’s it’s possible for you, too, then how could you make that work? What would that look like first? Then what?

I wrote recently about the top 3 strategies to replace your income so you can quit your job, so maybe reading that is your next step.

Or maybe it’s to set up an in-person or virtual coffee date with someone you’ve seen succeeding as an entrepreneur and ask them how to get started. Most entrepreneurs had someone help them along the way, and they’re passionate about spreading the entrepreneurial spirit, so you shouldn’t have to look to far to get some great advice from someone who’s actually doing it about exactly how you can, too.

No matter what your next step is, these questions are about training your brain, which has been mired in employee mindset, to start looking for possibilities, which is integral to the entrepreneur’s mindset.

Change your inner narrative with these two simple questions, and your behavior will shift, too.

No more, “Must be nice for them!” Now it’s time to start asking yourself, “What if it’s possible for me too?” And, since you believe it is, “How can I?” And watch what opens up for you.

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