These 26 Personal Branding Tips Will Help Accelerate Your Professional Career

You, my friend, are a brand!

Personal branding is the single most overlooked factor in achieving professional success today, and most people are doing it 100% wrong.

It’s no longer enough to be excellent at what you do. You need to convince others of your excellence and take an active role in how you present that to the world.

My career success can be traced back to a strong personal brand. I was not always the most qualified, but boy did I have conviction and work ethic. I can honestly say that my reputation helped me land every job I ever held. From becoming a chef to a restaurant owner to an entrepreneur to a marketing executive. It even helped me build a company with over 450,000 customers in less than five years where we raised three rounds of venture funding from a tier one VC.

But the truth is, I'm no exception; Tesla has Elon Musk, Apple had Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, BaseCamp has Jason Fried and Oprah, well, there's no one better at branding than her.

Understand your brand’s all about the real you.

Establishing an authentic personal brand doesn't have to be complicated. It’s possible for anyone including YOU...the question is one of commitment.

In writing my upcoming book, The Road to Recognition. My co-author Barry Feldman and I had the opportunity to interview hundreds of professionals with great personal brands. From Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin to Jay Baer and Lee Odden. Just hearing their inspiration for personal branding is enough to get you fired up. But we learned something more important along the way. That there is a roadmap. And all you have to do is be intentional and consistent.

And once you understand how to develop your personal brand, you create the opportunity to have the career riches that you've always dreamed of:

  • A steady stream of ideal clients
  • Amazing relationships
  • Rewarding partnerships
  • Greater mindshare
  • Increased credibility
  • Higher perceived value
  • Recognition and prestige

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of an authentic personal brand.

In this infographic, we’ve illustrated 26 Personal Branding tactics that you can use to kick-start your professional career today.

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