8 Tips That Will Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding

Choose the right caterers and do not forget to taste the menu, the wine, the cake and whatever else you plan to serve on your big day.
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Getting engaged may be the best thing that could ever happen to you or to anyone you know. However, planning and organizing your wedding is a completely different story.

During the whole planning phase, there are things which are good to know and then there are things you NEED to know.

Before you have that dream wedding of yours, these are some tips that will get you on the right track:

#1. Communicate With Your Better Half

Communication is very important if you want to have that dream wedding of yours. It is good to be clear about what you and your spouse want. Yes, you might be soulmates but there is a pretty good chance that your soon-to-be doesn't really dig your idea of a backyard wedding. So, it is best to keep the communication going.

#2. Be Realistic When it Comes to Time and Money

Yes, we all want the ultimate fairy tale wedding that will get our friends envy. But you need to understand the essence of time and most importantly your BUDGET. These things have the equal capacity to ruin your best day, hence be very careful.

#3. What, Where, How and Why?

Consider asking all these questions when investing in any part of your wedding. As cliché as it sounds, you have to ask the right questions when disbursing funds for the important tasks.

Be it the venue, the dresses, the rings and the photographer. Got questions for your wedding photographer? Spill it. Need the food fixed, ask. Need extra space, ask. Plan and do your research well before spending your money.

#4. Guests Are Always Number 1

Your guest should always take the number one stage when planning your dream wedding as they an important role to play when it comes to choosing your venue and your arrangements. You should work your guest lists out with your better half. Not everyone will show up but it doesn't hurt to plan right?

#5. Schedule All Appointments

Be it your appointment with the dress designer, your event manager or the day you get your marriage license; you need to prioritize and schedule everything out. And ladies, do not get overwhelmed with it comes to picking the right dress. Your wedding gown will be special because of YOU putting it on and nothing else.

#6. Get the Right Photographer

"If wedding is an industry, then photographers are the managers"

This cannot be stressed enough. From the engagement shoots to the bridal shoots, and event coverage; each and every detail is saved by none other than the photographers you hire. This can be a deal breaker if you don't get it right from the start.

That is why it is very important for you to select the right photography team with good client reviews and portfolio. Don't be shy with your questions. Feel free to ask your photographer whatever comes in your mind.

#7. Get Your Food Right

Aside from honoring you and your spouse, the other reason why most people will come to your wedding is for the food and the bar. We are all guilty of this.

Always make sure that the hearty meal you chose to be serve is in accordance with your budget and of good quality. The quality of your food will be remembered by your guests even after a decade of your wedding.

Choose the right caterers and do not forget to taste the menu, the wine, the cake and whatever else you plan to serve on your big day.

#8. Take Each Step, One at a Time

Do not get too overwhelmed and confuse yourself. While the pressure is definitely on, it is best if things are taken one step at a time rather than trying to fit everything into a day. We are talking about "till-death-to-us-apart here", so it is better you take your time so as not to miss your own wedding.

At the end of it all, you will always remember the tiring and hectic planning phase of your wedding and you will be glad that you went through the whole process. Now that you know what it takes to plan for your dream wedding, get ready and start planning now!

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