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These 9 Beautiful (And Healthy!) Instagram Snaps Will Make You A Breakfast Person

Kiss the snooze button goodbye. These delicious bites are the only eye openers you’ll need.

Whether you dream of being the next big food blogger or you are just looking for new breakfast recipe ideas, Instagram is the go-to spot for inspiration. There, you’ll find enough healthy and scrumptious photos to send you into a marathon, double-tapping frenzy.

We’ve partnered with Tropicana to introduce you to a few ‘grammers you just have to follow. From self-proclaimed foodies to everyday parents, these guys have got a knack for slicing, dicing, brewing and snapping some drool-worthy dishes. Here, nine ridiculously yummy breakfasts to beautify your feed. Our oatmeal pots runneth over!

1. Traditional Treat
Here’s proof that you can’t go wrong with a classic. These blueberry muffins by @Thehealthyhazelnut are a great way to start the day.
2. Super Pack
Loaded with berries, chia and other goodness -- parfaits like these created by @rawcrush, are as practical as they are pretty. Prepare them at night and stow them in the fridge for a healthy on-the-go breakfast option.
3. Some Like It Hot
No matter what temperature you prefer, please porridge in the bowl with berries, gluten-free oats, almond butter, and hemp seeds thanks to @loveyourrainbows.
4. Fresh Takes

A post shared by Avo Toast (@avotoastoftheday) on

@Avotoastoftheday uses a drizzle of balsamic, and a sprinkling of goat cheese and red pepper flakes to make a common breakfast staple -- avocado toast -- feel anything but basic.
5. Short Stack
In the words of @hannamarlyellowmood, “pancake towers rock!” This gluten-free pile is topped with cream and jam -- a great alternative to sugary syrup.
6. Berry Nice
This artfully designed yogurt bowl by @chasingchia packed with banana, blueberries and chia seeds makes for a bright and beautiful breakfast bite.
7. Going Green
There’s no denying it. Matcha is having a moment. And these raw, vegan “cupcakes” created by @oatmeal_stories are a fresh way to incorporate the antioxidant powder into your morning meal.
8. French Twist
We would hardly say no to this mushroom and cheese croissant created by @MrVeggieUk, but the poached egg on top just makes it that much better.
9. To-may-to, To-mah-to

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Watch out avocado. We’re changing the toast game with this cream cheese, spinach seed and tomato-topped slice created by @OliveHummer.

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