Adorable Animals Are Even More Adorable When They're Sleepy

Cats sleep away 60 percent of their lives ... making them 60 percent more cute.

What do ducklings, kittens, puppies, parrots and ferrets all have in common? They all love their Zzzs.

Need proof? These adorable sleepy animals drift (and slither) off to dreamland in this video from The Pet Collective.

But their sleep similarities may end there. Pets (and all animals) can have very different sleep and nap habits than their owners ― and from each other.

Cats spend more than 60 percent of their day asleep ― and some spend as much as 80 percent slumbering. Dogs spend more than half their days snoozing. Some young pups need as much as 20 hours of sleep every day. And ducks sometimes sleep with one eye open (to keep a lookout for potential predators, experts suspect).

Watch the video. The droopy eyes, stretches and yawns will make you melt.

Sarah DiGiulio is The Huffington Post’s sleep reporter. You can contact her at

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