This 4-Year-Old Darth Vader Is Wickedly Adorable

The cutest villain in the galaxy.

Who knew an evil Sith Lord could be so darn cute? 

Photographer James Hopkirk, who's a huge Star Wars fan, cast his adorable 4-year-old son Harry as Darth Vader in the photo series below. In it, The small Sith Lord does everyday tasks in a way that's just sinisterly adorable. 

The project, called "Little Lord Vader," was shared on Tumblr just ahead of Wednesday's "Star Wars Day." 

Apparently Sith Lords chow down on burgers and fries.
Apparently Sith Lords chow down on burgers and fries.

The small Darth Vader is seen doing anything from munching on a burger to changing diapers (probably with the use of The Force). The photos were shot over a few months, and Hopkirk told the Huffington Post that the 4-year-old was actually behind the concepts for some of the shots. 

"Harry had lots of ideas," the London-based photographer said. "And he insisted that we include his little brother Ted in the pictures." 

We suspect he used The Force here. 
We suspect he used The Force here. 

Hopkirk told HuffPost in an e-mail that his son's love of Star Wars began just before the release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" last year. It didn't take much for the tot to get hooked.

"I decided that, even though he's quite young, I couldn't deny Harry the chance to see a brand new 'Star Wars' movie on the big screen, so I had to quickly show him all the other films first," he explained. "He was just completely in awe of them. I'm a massive fan myself, but I didn't need to do any selling -- he fell in love with them straight away."

Darth Vader's all about hygiene. 
Darth Vader's all about hygiene. 

Interestingly enough, Harry gravitated toward the notorious Sith Lord the most. 

"He loves all the characters, but for some reason he went nuts over Darth Vader -- to be fair, he is pretty awesome. When we play together he always wants the Dark Side the triumph. Hopefully that's not a reason to be concerned," Hopkirk joked. 

Turns out Darth Vader is an Arsenal fan. 
Turns out Darth Vader is an Arsenal fan. 

After the dad bought his son a Darth Vader costume, he realized just how kickass Harry looked. Pretty soon, a photo series was born.

So far, there are 15 photos in the series, but Hopkirk isn't done capturing the cutest villain in the galaxy yet and promises there's more to come. 

To see more of Little Lord Vader and his antics, head on over to Hopkirk's Tumblr page for the project here. 



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