These Are 7 of the Greatest Boozy Foods in Existence

Liquor and food do a dance that no other pairing knows the steps to.
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Liquor and food do a dance that no other pairing knows the steps to. For so long, the natural place to find your booze was in a cup next to your meal. Well, why not add the booze in that meal? And we're not talking wine, folks. Put the pinot away and reach for the hard stuff. You and your food are going to get really friendly.

Breakfast is the meal of champions, so why not feel even more invincible with a healthy dose of bourbon? This recipe fancifies the childhood classic with sweet peaches and booze. Aren't you happy you're not a kid again?

After this mammoth of a burger, it may be time to lie down. Tequila joins this gang of homemade chorizo, shrimp and manchego cheese resting in between sweet potato burger buns. The only way this burger could get better is if it could do your taxes for you.


Referred to as a "cocktail turned confection," this cake-version of the classic cocktail is a fun way to celebrate the drink outside of a glass. This pastry uses fresh tonic water and juniper berries to mimic the core elements of a true Gin and Tonic (along with 3 cups of gin, of course). Perfect for parties and get-togethers, make this cake when you feel like letting your friends know that they can have their drink and eat it too.

Yes, you read that correctly: Margarita chicken quesadilla with Margarita guacamole. This is a chicken quesadilla that tastes like it was marinated in the citrusy, sour, sweet, boozy delight that is a Margarita. Served with guacamole that also tastes like it was marinated with a Margarita. This isn't real life, is it?

Breakfast always comes with this imperative question: sweet or savory? In this recipe, you'll get both with a boozy kick. Delicious fluffy pancakes sandwiching piles of rich pulled pork with bourbon maple syrup dripping all over your plate. Do we really need to say more here? Just make it already.

Boozy or not, macaroni and cheese is a classic dish for everyone to enjoy. Called "mac and cheese for grownups," this recipe suggests calling a babysitter for the night and getting the most out of being over 21. In addition to a healthy dose of vodka, this adult-only dish uses whole-wheat pasta, spinach and feta cheese to remind you that this is the real deal.

Every now and then, it's time to treat yo self. And what better way to celebrate all things you than with a plate of sweet, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth lobster covered in a sauce of cognac (or bourbon), chives, shallots and white wine. Some advice: Drink some cognac while you're cooking this dish. You deserve it.

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