These Are The 5 Best Workplaces To Retire From

According to employee feedback and company benefits.
Fortune's latest list features workplaces that are especially retirement friendly.
Fortune's latest list features workplaces that are especially retirement friendly.

If you're looking for a retirement friendly workplace, Fortune has just released a list that can help.

With support from consulting and research firm Great Place to Work, Fortune created a list of the 30 best workplaces to retire from out of a pool of about 600 Great Place to Work-certified companies. To determine the most retirement friendly companies, Fortune gave each workplace a score. Two-thirds of that score relied on employee feedback in the form of surveys that Great Place to Work gave to employees chosen at random. The other one-third of the score considered the "availability and generosity of retirement-related benefits" like 401(k) plans and defined pension benefits as well as "internal employee promotion rates." 

Based on this methodology, here are the best five workplaces to retire from: 

1. Intuitive Research and Technology in Huntsville, Alabama

2. Edward Jones in St. Louis, Missouri

3. Baker Donelson in Memphis, Tennessee

4. ESL Federal Credit Union in Rochester, New York

5. TDIndustries in Dallas, Texas  

Fortune also published company profiles for the top 30 workplaces that included employee reviews. Employees at Intuitive Research and Technology in Huntsville, Alabama, for example, praised the company's "family atmosphere and team philosophy," while an Edward Jones employee in St. Louis appreciated the financial advisory firm's respect for all employees. 

"If you are 50, 60 or 70 yrs of age, you are not pushed out the door to retirement," the employee said. "They make you feel that as long as you can do your job, you are part of the team."

Fortune also summed up what the 30 companies had in common. According to their employees, these workplaces are "great places to build long-term careers."

To see the other top 25 workplaces to retire from, head to Fortune.



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