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These Are The 5 Most Popular Beauty Products on Amazon This Week

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by Emily Gaynor, Teen Vogue

Courtesy of Amazon

While surfing on Amazon, you can do everything from ordering laundry detergent, to catching up on your favorite show, to picking out an obscure present for your BFF's birthday -- all from the comfort of your own bed. But, if you're a beauty junkie, like us, Amazon is actually the perfect place to pick out products, minus any long lines or drives to an out-of-the-way store. Amazon Beauty has an impressive range of brands -- everything from your favorite drugstore prods to a Luxury store that features fancy fragrances, gorgeous hair oils that are celeb-approved, and every kind of pimple treatment that'll banish your breakout in no time. Because Amazon literally has everything you need, and then some, we asked them to round up the best-selling products from this week. If everyone is buying them, we clearly need them too, right? Read on to see what's popular this week, and consider your cart stocked.

Courtesy of Amazon

If you're longing for the fast-approaching summer, but still very much dealing with chilly temperatures, you probably know that dry, flaky skin season isn't over just yet. Slather this under-$10 moisturizer all over for instantly hydrated, super-smooth skin. Plus, it's fragrance free, so no competing with your go-to perfume.

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Whether you're looking to fade unwanted scars, or just experiencing extremely dry skin, pat this multi-use oil, made with plant extracts and vitamins, onto skin for a lit-from-within glow that won't break the bank.

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Ask any hairstylist for an affordable dry shampoo that will suck out oil and refresh strands, sans water, and we guarantee Batiste will be mentioned. Simply spritz it on, shake it out, and then run a brush through your mane. Plus, even if your hair is clean, you can use it as a texturizer to add instant body. It's basically a hair hero.

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No matter how long a day you had, washing your face is essential. This light foaming option is packed with ceramides and hyaluronic acid to wipe away dirt and oil and leave skin luminous.

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Moisturizer is having the best week ever. And this one does not disappoint. The fast-absorbing formula sinks into skin and soothes upon contact. No ashy legs here.